Our Story

We welcome you to Haveli where we promise authenticity, vibrancy as well as incredible aromas, flavours and textures using traditional recipes with our modern twist.

Recipes with our modern twist

Inspired by our travels across India and using traditional recipes passed down through generations, we're able to offer you unique regional dishes with our own modern twist. Every aspect of each dish is of the highest quality; starting with local and ethically sourced meat and veg produce.​

Our aim is to become synonymous with high quality Indian food in East London.

Chef Sachin & Chef Kavi

Our story

How it started

Having previously studied at university both lads went on to pursue their respective careers in Finance and Physiotherapy.

Following Passion

Having decided that they want to follow their passion of working in the food industry ; Sachin went to work for Nobu (Park Lane) and Kavi for Grand Trunk Road (Woodford).

March 2020 (Lockdown)

Initially started their own food delivery businesses at the start of the first lockdown separately.

October 2020 (lockdown)  

Sachin and Kavi joined forces ; this is when Haveli was created - delivering on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays until May 2021.

July 2021

Received the keys for a new kitchen unit based in Hainault, East London as a permanent takeaway establishment.

mission statement

Our Mission/Vision

Upon joining forces in October 2020, Haveli’s vision was to revolutionise Indian takeaway food and disassociate it from being oily and unhealthy. We strive to ensure all of our food is


High quality

Packed with flavour